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#518: Need to fix VTK ports with no parameters
 Reporter:  dakoop  |      Owner:  somebody
     Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  major   |  Milestone:  version 2.0
Component:  gui     |    Version:  master
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 Currently, the ports panel will not persist any functions that have no
 parameters.  For example, drag out a vtkDataSetMapper.  Try to set the
 ScalarVisibilityOn port by clicking on it.  It will create a group box
 that has no parameters.  However, once you select a different module, and
 then select the mapper again, you will find there is no indication that
 ScalarVisibilityOn was selected nor was this change persisted.

 There are a few possible solutions here:

  * The simplest is to just add a function whenever a user clicks on a
 zero-parameter function.  Note that 1+-parameter functions will not
 persist until at least one of the parameters is actually set.
  * Another possibility is to make zero-parameter functions have a checkbox
 that is initially set to off, but clicking it on will set the function.
  * A third possibility is to disallow zero-parameter functions and change
 any packages (VTK) to make such functions to be one-parameter functions
 (e.g. ScalarVisibilityOn and ScalarVisibilityOff are combined into a
 single ScalarVisibility function that has a single Boolean parmaeter).
 The issue here is that not all VTK functions are like this (e.g. actual
 calls like "Update").

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