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Wed Jan 18 16:49:18 EST 2012

#523: Default values for parameters not showing
 Reporter:  dakoop  |      Owner:  dakoop
     Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  major   |  Milestone:  version 2.0
Component:  core    |    Version:  master
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 Colin Talbert reports:

 In VisTrails 1.7 when the user moved one of these ports down to change the
 value the default value was displayed in the input box.  In 2.0 the data
 entry box is blank and the user doesn't know what the default value

     _input_ports = [('mdsFile', '(gov.usgs.sahm:MergedDataSet:Other)'),
 '(edu.utah.sci.vistrails.basic:Boolean)', {'defaults':str(['True']),
 '(edu.utah.sci.vistrails.basic:Boolean)', {'defaults':str(['True']),
 '(edu.utah.sci.vistrails.basic:Boolean)', {'defaults':str(['False']),
 '(edu.utah.sci.vistrails.basic:Integer)', {'defaults':str(['2']),

 DK: I think this is likely an oversight/bug in the new ports panel...

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