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#523: Default values for parameters not showing
  Reporter:  dakoop  |      Owner:  dakoop
      Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
  Priority:  major   |  Milestone:  version 2.0
 Component:  core    |    Version:  master
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Comment (by dakoop):

 The code was missing from the new ports panel for this.  However, there is
 a design question here that I would like to resolve before committing the
 change: should the defaults always be written out when the parameter is
 selected or only when values are changed from the defaults?  For example,
 Qt 4.7 supports "placeholder text" so for standard line editors I could
 show what the default value is but indicate that the value has not been
 set by the user.

 However, I believe that Matthias originally requested this feature so that
 default values would be written to provenance.  This simplified the
 analysis if a future version of the module changed the default value.
 Instead of finding the old version of the code to determine the default,
 one could examine the provenance. As I am rethinking this, I wonder if
 this approach can be as problematic as the non-persisted defaults.  For
 example, if I change a module to work with Kelvin temperatures instead of
 Celsius, my defaults will also likely change, but it is not valid to
 compare the two values (whether they are defaults or not) because the
 parameters are different.  Thus, one needs to look at the code to properly
 interpret the provenance anyway...

 I am also thinking about VTK here, where there are default values that are
 not currently specified as VisTrails defaults.  Thus, keeping a parameter
 "unset" means that this default value is used, but here as well, the
 provenance does not reflect the use of such defaults.  Here, the size of
 the provenance would dramatically increase if defaults were specified and
 written out each time because there are a large number of parameters (and
 defaults) for each module.

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