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#523: Default values for parameters not showing
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Comment (by dakoop):

 Adding Juliana's reply to [comment:1 dakoop] to the trac:
 > Should the defaults always be written out when the parameter is selected
 or only when values are changed from the defaults?

 If the default values are used when the workflow is run,  for the
 provenance to be complete, they should be stored.

 > For example, if I change a module to work with Kelvin temperatures
 instead of Celsius, my defaults will also likely change, but it is not
 valid to compare the two values (whether they are defaults or not) because
 the parameters are different.  Thus, one needs to look at the code to
 properly interpret the provenance anyway...

 But in this scenario, you are changing the semantics of the module in a
 way that is not visible to VisTrails.
 If C or K are parameters, then the analysis would work---you would be able
 to see the values as well as the scale.

 > I am also thinking about VTK here, where there are default values that
 are not currently specified as VisTrails defaults.

 Is it hard to show the defaults that are used? Maybe a compromise here we
 could do what you suggest: explicitly distinguish in the interface values
 set by the user from the default values. (Or maybe, if the interface
 becomes to cluttered, users could be given the option to hide default

 > Thus, keeping a parameter "unset" means that this default value is used,
 but here as well, the provenance does not reflect the use of such

 I think the provenance should reflect the results.

 > Here, the size of the provenance would dramatically increase if defaults
 were specified and written out each time because there are a large number
 of parameters (and defaults) for each module.

 I think that if this indeed becomes a problem, we could try to do some
 normalization. For example, save default parameters only once for a

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