[vistrails-dev] [vistrails-users] Running modules in parallel

David Koop dakoop at nyu.edu
Tue Jan 7 13:38:34 EST 2014

On Jan 7, 2014, at 11:36 AM, Tommy Ellqvist <tommy.ellqvist at nyu.edu> wrote:

> On 7 jan 2014, at 19:23, Rémi Rampin <remi.rampin at nyu.edu> wrote:
>> 2014/1/7 David Koop
>>> Yeah, I thought about this a bit.  Ideally, the warnings would be visible to developers while the errors are user-level.  Perhaps we should add a note to the developers' guide that developers should set their debug level to warning?  Or would there be a better way of making sure that developer notifications are visible to package developers?
>> Isn't it safe to assume that the messages printed in the terminal will only be read by developers? "Important" errors are already reported via message boxes.
>> I also just realized that debug.warning() doesn't add a line to the "vistrails messages" view (even with "warning" checked). Probably because the logging module filters them based on the level before that.
> Yes, you need to change verbosenessLevel to get warning messages. The messages view should probably have irrelevant checkboxes disabled.

Also, my understanding is that debug prints to both the messages panel as well as the terminal.  We could make a terminal-only print, I guess, but the warnings in the messages window are arguably more apparent than those in the console.


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