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The project "VisTrails":

The annotated tag, v2.1.0 has been created
        at  591f325fff27b19ce4c7e0063bbc6c67563fcf85 (tag)
   tagging  94a5a5834c013fa9f89487d098470d486d7be4ae (commit)
  replaces  v2.1-beta2
 tagged by  Remi Rampin
        on  Thu Jan 9 12:12:35 2014 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
2.1 release

Release Name: v2.1 build 179c82045907 from v2.1 branch

David Koop (8):
      Fix a bug in which persistent directories were not displayed.
      Fix issues with translation to PyQt v2 API.
      Fix issue with invalid port specs.
      Fix brush setting for ports so invalid/ghosted ports display correctly
      Fix issue with invalid functions not being detected
      Check module.is_valid before running has_port_spec.
      Fix issue with color chooser button
      Fix issue with suspended modules and multiple sinks.

Remi Rampin (152):
      Adds an HTTPDirectory module
      Uses a top-level temporary directory
      Uses a temporary directory as dotVistrails
      Adds a test for HTTPDirectory
      Fixes Collection#getInstance()
      Clears the Collection connection at exit
      Adds a default startup file for the tests
      Enables packages silently when running tests
      Merge branch 'http_directory' into 'v2.1'
      Adds a CartesianProduct module to controlflow
      Rewrites pre-0.2.2 Cross as CartesianProduct
      Restores the CombineTuple port of CartesianProduct
      Fixes typo breaking FoldWithModule's typechecking
      Updates Map documentation
      Updates Filter documentation
      Minor changes to the 'Conditional module' section
      Makes bundle installation work nice in virtualenvs
      Uses a lambda for the anonymous callback
      Fixes an issue with parsing dumb datetimes
      Fixes imports in matplotlib package
      require_python_module() optionally installs bundle
      Fixes check_all_vistrails_requirements()
      require_python_module() optionally installs bundle
      Removes circular dependency system<->requirements
      Adds packages to gui.requirements.check_pyqt4()
      Use require_python_module() in packages
      Adds dependency on 'numpy' in matplotlib
      Checks requirements before initializing
      Fixes a typo
      Fixes PyQt4 requirement
      Merge branch 'install_package_requirements_/all_requirements' into 'install_package_requirements'
      Removes conditional dependency on scipy in analogy
      Fixes a typo in an example
      Replaces a PythonSource with WriteFile in example
      Fixes a typo breaking ElementwiseProduct's port
      Changes And and Or 'Result' type to Boolean
      Adds documentation for And, Or and vector modules
      Adds documentation and example for While
      Minor fixes to controlflow loops
      Adds a 'spawned-mode', (ie. current testing logic)
      Adds a nologfile option
      --spawned-mode implies --nologfile
      Merge branch 'testsuite-tempdir' into 'v2.1'
      Removes the default Linux file association feature
      Restores the default Linux file association feature
      Fixes Linux handler installation
      Adds a confirmation dialog to add the handler
      Adds a section to the preferences window
      Uses custom dialog with 'don't ask again' checkbox
      Adds handlerDontAsk to core.configuration
      Disables handlerDontAsk for tests, as it hangs
      Fixes handlerDontAsk being ignored in some cases
      Checks requirements after configuration setup
      Enables the package in HTTP tests
      Rewrites HTTP tests with execute()
      Fixes marking cached modules
      Removes 'ran' flag
      Don't reexecute suspended modules
      Abort interpreter on ModuleBreakpoint
      Fixes an issue with looping modules
      Make sure pythonCalc is enabled for TestPipeline
      Merge branch 'install_package_requirements_/all_requirements' into 'install_package_requirements'
      State how the bundle is going to be installed
      Catches exceptions from packages
      Merge branch 'catch-pkg-exceptions' into 'v2.1'
      Adds missing add_exec method to DummyLogController
      Merge branch 'fixes-module-flags' into 'v2.1'
      The controlflow assistant now enables the package
      Merge branch 'install_package_requirements' into 'v2.1'
      Makes requirements honor 'installBundles' option
      Adds missing import in sql_dao.py files
      Fixes ModuleHadError's constructor
      Module copies input/output ports on shallow copy
      Fixes cache corruption when using FoldWithModule
      Fixes cache corruption when using While
      Fixes caching issue with If
      Merge branch 'fix-controlflow-cache-corruption' into 'v2.1'
      Displays the full name in parallelflow's infos
      Makes controlflow modules cacheable
      Makes Dialog abstract
      Makes parallelflow's Map cacheable
      Replaces unittest with unittest2 if it's available
      Disables thumbnail comparison for VTK < 5.8.0
      Only shows the thumbnail warning if testing them
      Merge branch 'disable-thumbnail-test-old-vtk' into 'v2.1'
      Merge branch 'cacheable-controlflow' into 'v2.1'
      Fixes vtk import in runtestsuite.py
      Disables test and warns about bugged pytz version
      Changes minimal pytz version to 2012
      Changes the memoized-fibo test not to rely on time
      Improves module documentation
      Uses pydoc at other places too
      Short-circuits applicationFocusChanged() on quit
      Moves imports out of applicationFocusChanged()
      Removes persistence_exp
      Fixes runtestsuite if scipy can't be used either
      Use db_id instead of id on ModuleFunction
      Removes an unnecessary pipeline deepcopy
      Don't try to get the output when errors occurred
      Adds documentation for get_documentation()
      Allows get_documentation() to access the Module
      Prepends root_directory to sys.path
      Fixes triggered->activateWindow connection
      Merge branch 'improves-module-doc' into 'v2.1'
      Merge branch 'remove-persistence_exp' into 'v2.1'
      Removes the Tuple type
      Allows conversions between different port widths
      Moves conversion check to Converter
      Adds custom can_convert() for TupleToList
      Adds a For module
      Only try to clean modules that exist
      Don't display comments if a module has no doc
      Merge branch 'improves-module-doc' into 'v2.1'
      Fixes a sphinx warning
      Fixes parallelflow execution with no functions
      Handles remote executions having no item_execs
      While shouldn't sleep on the last iteration
      Adds pip names for tabledata's convert_dates deps
      Adds RTF support to RichTextCell
      Adds safety checks to parallelflow
      --spawned-mode implies --noSingleInstance
      Disallows the vtkQtInitialization module
      Merge branch 'spawned-vistrails' into 'v2.1'
      Makes use of spawned-mode in parallelflow
      Adds some information about user packages
      Merge branch 'v2.0' into 'v2.1'
      Merge branch 'tuple-fixes' into 'v2.1'
      Merge branch 'richtextcell-rtf-support' into 'v2.1'
      Makes While's 'OutputPort' input default to 'self'
      Adds a short paragrap on For
      Merge branch 'for-module' into 'v2.1'
      Adds a XSLCell module that renders XML via XSLT
      Makes For  carry on after one iteration suspended
      Merge branch 'for-module' into 'v2.1'
      Removes the Delay input port from For
      Merge branch 'for-module' into 'v2.1'
      Fixes send_notification() from gui
      Fixes test for core.external_connections
      Fixes test for db.services.io
      Fixes imports in core.interpreter.cached
      Fixes instancemethods in DummyModuleLogging
      Adds 'fedora' source for ctypes py_import
      Gives directions when single-instance fails
      Moves all s-i logic to run_single_instance()
      Merge branch 'richtextcell-xml-xsl' into 'v2.1'
      Don't attempt to connect on newly created socket
      Connects single-instance socket earlier
      Removes useless constructors from basic_modules
      More random fixes to basic_modules
      Fixes SVGCellWidget#saveToPDF()
      Merge branch 'remove-socket' into 'v2.1'
      Rewrites formatLabel as split_camel_case

Suni (1):
      Fixes typo in user's guide

Tommy Ellqvist (82):
      <bugfix>Module id not cleared when unselecting module</bugfix>
      Added support for VTK 6.0.0
      Merge branch 'v2.0' into v2.1
      TestPreferencesDialog: Forcing delayed calls
      Updated usersguide/parameter_exploration.rst
      <bugfix>First parameter exploration should have id=1</bugfix>
      Fixed 2 typos in vistrailsx64 install script
      Mac Binary: Updated list of included packages
      activateWindow misses slot compatible with (bool)
      Spreadsheet history file path was set incorrectly
      Added configurable and tag based start view
      Usersguide.Mashups: Updated button name "Keep"->"Tag"
      mac_update_bin.sh: Added examples directory
      Support for linking from usersguide to examples
      doc/usersguide/creating.rst: Added link to global variables example
      Added files in examples/usersguide to windows install scripts
      <feature>Set file associations on Linux</feature>
      gui/application.py: Fixed typo mkdir.mkdir -> mkdir
      xdg-icon-resource: Mimetype changed '/' -> '-'
      vistrails_window.open_vistrail_without_prompt: extract version from url
      Usersguide: Added more links to examples
      linux_fedora_install using wrong install script
      VTK: Handle AbortExecution in progress update
      - FoldWithModule: Added progress reporting
      Handle setPlaceholderText not existing before Qt 4.7.0
      Set database connection timeout to 15 seconds
      Merge branch 'v2.0' into v2.1
      Merge branch 'fix-focuschanged-bug' into v2.1
      Warn when trying to save mashups to db
      Merge branch 'v2.0' into v2.1
      Allow executing vistrail without specifying version
      Merge branch 'v2.0' into v2.1
      All code using dotVistrails now respects the -S flag
      Merge branch 'v2.0' into v2.1
      Add site._Helper when running py2app
      Fixed typo in api.add_port_spec
      Added Re-Layout option for version view
      Mashup app was not closed with the view
      controller did not handle mashup app being None
      Fixes double-clicking a workflow in workspace
      Fixed missing schema causing db gui to hang
      installbundle fails when app.splashScreen=None
      Added menu option for saving to db without exporting
      Improvements to focus and view switching
      Added test for detaching/reattaching vistrail
      Closing vistrail did not work
      Fixed modifying lists being looped in find_abstractions
      Fixed activateWindow triggers for old versions of Qt
      Conditional module example: Fixed webServices->SudsWebServices
      Fixed traceback in configuration editor
      Merge branch 'v2.0' into v2.1
      Print error messages when loading abstractions
      Report missing dependencies when loading My Subworkflows
      release_notes.py: Updated for new tag syntax
      usersguide/controlflow: Added simple 'If' example
      gui/publishing.py: Undhandled UntitledLocator caused wrong text to be displayed
      Added image to new If example
      Fixed acrobat reader failing to open vtl
      Updated splash for VisTrails 2.1
      Updated version numbers to 2.1
      Updated	usersguide preface version and org.vistrails identifiers
      open_vistrail_without_prompt: Removed print statement
      Added LinuxMint as a supported Ubuntu variant
      Skip autosave prompt when vistrail is already open
      Fixes open version bug from f1a581b1
      Merge branch 'fix-focus' into v2.1
      Added missing default methods for temporary files to BaseLocator
      SaveTemporariesMixin did not override defaults
      Warn before closing vistrail with unsaved jobs
      Cannot close vistrails without saving
      Fixed logic for checking if unsaved actions contains jobs
      Calling StringWidget.setContents with unchanged multiline caused infinite loop
      Check if title ends with '*' when opening configuration window
      Hide the multi-line button for StringWidget in read-only mode
      Fixes broken features in the workspace
      Fixed vistrail always being executed when opened from the console
      Fixed vistrail always being executed when opened
      Fixed upgrades when executing a mashup
      Examples directory was not found when running py2app
      Mac build script: Updated ALPS version
      Added release notes for 2.1
      Updated version hash


git clone git at vgc.poly.edu:vistrails

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