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Fri Jan 10 13:25:50 EST 2014

#815: MplHist color settings not working
  Reporter:  dakoop    |      Owner:  dakoop
      Type:  defect    |     Status:  new
  Priority:  major     |  Milestone:  version 2.1
 Component:  packages  |    Version:  2.1
Resolution:            |   Keywords:

Comment (by remirampin):

 It seems that translate_color() is not used for colorScalar.

 Reading mpl_plots.xml, I see that 'colorScalar' is an 'alternateSpec' for
 'colorSequence', which has '<translations>translate_color</translations>'.
 Maybe some code is missing from the generator to use the translations for
 the alternateSpecs as well? (in specs.py)

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