[vistrails-dev] Announcing VisTrails 2.1.1

Tommy Ellqvist tommy.ellqvist at nyu.edu
Fri Jan 17 09:46:33 EST 2014

Hello VisTrails users,

There is a new version of VisTrails available at:

This is a bugfix release. The main fixes are:

* Parameter Explorations could not be executed
* VisTrails server could not be started
* New saved vistrail did not appear in “My Vistrails”

The full change list is available below. As always, if you find any problems with this release let us know!


Tommy Ellqvist
VisTrails Developer

Release Name: v2.1.1 build 90975fc00211 from v2.1 branch

Bug fixes: 
 - Ticket 814: Parameter Exploration Broken (13da70d0b35f)
 - Fixes early gui import in application_server (3b2f6186cea9)
 - Ticket 816: Saved vistrail doesn't appear in 'my vistrails' (784414a617d2)
 - Fix font issue for OS X 10.9. (22c0f0cca937)

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