[vistrails-dev] [GIT] VisTrails: Implements the StringFormatConfigurationWidget

David Koop dakoop at nyu.edu
Wed Jan 22 16:17:38 EST 2014

On Jan 22, 2014, at 2:07 PM, Rémi Rampin <remirampin at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2014/1/22 <git-noreply at vistrails.org>
> The project "VisTrails":
> The branch, str-format-module has been created
>         at  b3dbfe4b1535207243302c2e2fab6a48c0fb4ecf (commit)
> Hi,
> I just added a StringFormat module. It wraps the str.format() method, allowing to build a string from something like 'Found {match!r} at line {line:,} in file {file.name}' and three ports 'match', 'line' and 'file'.
> The interesting thing here is that, while I can use a configuration widget like I do for tabledata's BuildTable or List to create the ports from the format string, I don't actually need to put anything in that widget. I currently have a single button that triggers the actual configuration (from the 'format' port). Is there some way to trigger the reconfiguration some other way?

Not that I know of.  We could consider adding to buttons in the module info panel to allow this.  We currently have "Configure" and "Documentation" there.

With this example, I see another potential issue where a user could push data into the "format" port during an execution that is different than the current configuration which might cause interesting issues.  Should we differentiate between computational and configuration parameters so this does not happen?  It also might make sense to keep the format entry in the configuration widget and not in the normal ports panel.  A similar case here is the "source" port for PythonSource.


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