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#820: Wrapping Java libraries in VisTrails
 Reporter:  remirampin                |      Owner:  dakoop
     Type:  enhancement               |     Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                     |  Milestone:  version 2.x
Component:  packages                  |    Version:  master
 Keywords:  java pyjnius jnius jpype  |
 What I had after my internship was:
 * A 'javaspreadsheet' package, written in Java, that works similarly to
 the spreadsheet, with similar modules
 * A system capable of discovering modules to be generated using Java
 reflection on a package (java .class files or JAR archive) and save that
 in pickle format
 * A Java parser to get the previous information from source files instead;
 this allows to get the parameter names that the Java compiler discards
 * A package that dynamically generates !VisTrails modules from the pickle
 cache file

 Things to be done:
 * Turn the 'weka' package into a more generic package that can create
 several sub-packages for different libraries (like SUDS does)
 * ''Find a way to allow manual correction of what's been autodiscovered?
 (although contrary to matplotlib, the type information we get should
 always be correct; matplotlib can be wrong because it uses the doc as
 * Move to a !Python/Java bridge that works
 ([https://github.com/remram44/jpype JPype] is unmaintained,
 [https://github.com/kivy/pyjnius pyjnius] seems fairly new)

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