[vistrails-dev] Running VisTrails on the cloudera VM

Fernando Seabra Chirigati nano.seabra at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 17:30:30 EST 2015

Hi Remi,

It looks like the the VM is Centos 6.4 which only has PyQt4 4.6.2. That is
> giving me some trouble. The oldest distribution we test on is Debian 6
> (Squeeze, "old stable")
> <http://vistrails.poly.edu:9050/builders/debian6-64-master> which has
> PyQt 4.7.3.
> I'm not sure what can be done here (I'm not very familiar with Centos). In
> the worse case, we can compile Qt and PyQt4 to have more recent versions.
>   File "/opt/vistrails/vistrails/gui/theme.py", line 543, in __init__
>>     mode=QtGui.QIcon.Normal)
>> TypeError: addFile() takes no keyword arguments
Hmm, that's a bummer. I wonder if compiling Qt and PyQt4 will be too hard /
troublesome. Any ideas? They do not require lots of dependencies, do they?

> Also, I was unable to import the VM directly, since it is referencing 2
> disks but only one is included... Did you also run into that?

Not that I remember -- I was able to import it with no problems.


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