[vistrails-dev] [VisTrails] New package for Matplotlib 1.4 (#1133)

Tommy Ellqvist notifications at github.com
Wed Oct 14 10:19:55 EDT 2015

Adds updated package for matplotlib 1.4

* New parser that supports numpy docstrings
* New codepath is `matplotlib14`. Old package has unchanged codepath (So it will still be used when importing to other packages).
* Old and  new package will be loaded on matplotlib `<v1.4` and `>=v1.4`, respectively.
* New matplotlib package version is `1.1.0`
* Upgrading from old package should in most cases work automatically.
* Downgrading is not supported.
* Currently you have to load the correct package version manually if the wrong one is tried first. Maybe we should try to load all codepaths for a package until one succeeds?
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Added updated matplotlib package
  * Added matplotlib package version requirements
  * Added package version documentation

-- File Changes --

    M vistrails/packages/matplotlib/__init__.py (9)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/README (94)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/__init__.py (74)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/artists.py (4818)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/artists_template.py.mako (179)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/bases.py (181)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/diff.py (312)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/figure_cell.py (238)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/generate.py (68)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/identifiers.py (49)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/init.py (307)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/mixins.py (100)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/mpl_artists.xml (2202)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/mpl_artists_diff.xml (127)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/mpl_artists_raw.xml (2183)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/mpl_plots.xml (4594)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/mpl_plots_diff.xml (1271)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/mpl_plots_raw.xml (4641)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/parse.py (1149)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/plots.py (6691)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/plots_template.py.mako (206)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/specs.py (737)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/update.py (82)
    A vistrails/packages/matplotlib14/widgets.py (53)

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