[vistrails-dev] [VisTrails/VisTrails] Update Tensorflow package for tensorflow 1.0.0 (#1213)

Remi Rampin notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 27 17:35:50 EST 2017

Tensorflow 1.0.0 was released Feb 11. The VisTrails package should be update for the changes in API (maybe with upgrades? Those would have to be written manually...)

Some parameters seem to be missing from the documentation (and therefore the VisTrails modules), it might be worth sending patches to Tensorflow (or improving the parser).

* In Mandelbrot example, `mul` needs to be replaced by `multiply` and `complex_abs` by `abs`
* In MNIST example, `argmax` lost its `dimension` port (though it still exists) as it is no longer documented

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