[vistrails-users] Announcing VisTrails 2.0-alpha build c4e3600b6481

Emanuele Marques emanuelemarques at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 16:22:28 EDT 2011

Hello VisTrails users,

There is a new version of VisTrails available at

This is mainly a bugfix for the version 2.0-alpha release.

The list of fixes is available below.

As always, let us know if you find any problems with this release.


-- Emanuele Santos
 VisTrails Developer


Release Name: v2.0-alpha build c4e3600b6481 from v2.0 branch

 - Wizard for CLTools - gui for wrapper creation (de5fbcd6144a)

Bug fixes:
 - Ticket #508: Add port documentation back to ports panel (d83b2637f5b5)
 - Ticket #502: change_selected_version causes key error in
adjacency_list (815d38ff608a)
 - Ticket #472: parameters in parameter exploration are reset if not
executed (829303e1efeb)
 - Parameter exploration with Color Constant was not working (ecfbedcd4406)

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