[vistrails-users] Announcing VisTrails 2.1.4

Tommy Ellqvist tommy.ellqvist at nyu.edu
Mon Aug 25 15:54:47 EDT 2014

Hello VisTrails users,

There is a new version of VisTrails available at:

This is a minor bug-fix release.

This release addresses issues with saved parameter explorations. Also, the OSX binary now contains the correct users guide. 

The full change list is available below. As always, if you find any problems with this release let us know!


Tommy Ellqvist
VisTrails Developer

Release Name: v2.1.4 build 269e4808eca3 from v2.1 branch

Bug fixes: 
 - Pinch gesture was broken (2d5494ed1d10)
 - Ticket 893: "Create Version" button on the spreadsheet does not work (d3db65418fad)
 - New Parameter Exploration was created for each execution (c324acad38f9)
 - Could not load saved Parameter Explorations (c324acad38f9)
 - Ticket 762: Package.import_override.is_sys_pkg logic incorrect (bf5e20c923f7)
 - Usersguide: Fixed parameter exploration vtl links (79c3021a50b3)
 - Forces the use of PyQt4 (avoid PySide) (2460948327cc)
 - Guess whether to use su/sudo with pip (18698fa909b3)

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