[vistrails-users] vistrails get_api()

Rémi Rampin remi.rampin at nyu.edu
Thu May 25 15:59:14 EDT 2017

2017-05-25 15:44 EDT, Zev Finnley <zev.finnley at gmail.com>:

> I was trying to go the following example from the Vistrails FAQ:
> import core.application as vt_app
> vt_app.init()
> import core.api
> vt = core.api.get_api()
> [...]
> But no function get_api exists in core.api. I am using Vistrails 2.2.4.
> Was this function removed?

Hi Zev,

Indeed it seems that this section of the FAQ was not updated. A new API is
available using "import vistrails", and an example of its usage is here:

I will update the FAQ now.

Note that this new API doesn't yet support changing workflows, only loading
and executing them. To do changes, you would have to access the core
objects, which are somewhat harder to use (which is why we are developing a
user-friendly API on top of it).

Rémi Rampin
VisTrails Developer
NYU Tandon School of Engineering
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